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Early Signs Of Hearing Loss & How To Protect Your Ears

Did you know that every time you expose your ears to loud noises it can be progressively damaging your hearing and making you liable to debilitating hearing loss in future years? It is very important to look after your ears and in turn your hearing so that you can fully converse with everyone around you. So we thought we would share the following very sound information which gives you information on the early signs of hearing loss, if your hearing at risk and how you can protect your hearing.

New Drug Could Combat Issue Of Hearing Loss After Childhood Cancer Treatment

Unfortunately for many children who have had cancer treatment, one of the side effects of the drugs they have to take can be a loss of hearing. The drug Cisplatin can be pretty effective in shrinking tumours in children but it also can damage their hearing. In fact this is the case in approximately two thirds of the cases where this drug has been taken. Now scientists believe they may have discovered another drug which, if taken a few hours after chemotherapy treatment, could alleviate the side effects including hearing loss.

Musicians Often Pay A Heavy Price In Hearing Loss

Being a musician is something that many of us see as a very appealing and exciting way of life, travelling the world playing music, being part of a creative process as well as all the adulation that sometimes comes with being a musician if you are lucky enough to get some level of fame.

Could Hearing Loss Be Cured In The Future

Now despite the fact that this story may lead to our hearing centre going out of business we think it is very good news indeed!! News comes to us that there have been promising trials in the United States in which scientists have made great progress in repairing damaged cells deep inside the ear.

Oscar Awards Help To Raise Awareness Of Deafness

It was really pleasing to see that two Oscar winning films at this years Academy Awards have helped to raise the issue of deafness in society, as it is not a subject that is normally broached in films. The Silent Child and The Shape Of Water, although two very different films, both used sign language in them.

New Study On Tinnitus Sufferers Uncovers Interesting Results

There has been a recent study by the University of Illinois on how tinnitus affects sufferers and how it impacts on their concentration levels among other things. Tinnitus can be just a mild distraction for some people who suffer from it, but for others it can be more severe and the constant ringing and buzzing and lead to anxiety and depression for many.

Noise Damage When You Already Have Hearing Loss

Hello and welcome to our first blog post of 2018! Firstly we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Today we thought we would answer a question that we get asked from time to time, and that is `if you already have a certain amount of hearing loss can loud noises damage your hearing further?`

Hearing Aids Can Help Prevent Cognitive Decline Say Experts

There was a very interesting article in one of the papers last week which was about research done by Trinity College in Dublin. The research, which involved over 20,000 participants, found that hearing loss can sometimes be a sign of oncoming dementia. But they also found that the use of a hearing aid can help prevent the cognitive decline associated with dementia as they help people to keep communicating with others and are an aid to keeping the brain working and healthy.

Why More People Need To Be Tested For Hearing Loss

We live in a world where our senses are being assaulted almost 24/7 and it is particularly our hearing which takes a battering. This pummeling of the ears from numerous sources means that more and more people need to get their ears tested for any signs of hearing loss.

Wearing Hearing Aids As A Parent

If you are a parent of young children, or even teenage children, there can sometimes be a reaction to you suddenly wearing hearing aids, but if there is the good news is that this only lasts a short length of time and they soon come to understand the reality of the situation.

Why Early Intervention Is Important For Children With Hearing Loss

There has been a study recently down in Australia which has found that if children with hearing loss issues are fitted with hearing aids or cochlear implants at the earliest opportunity, they can significantly develop their language skills compared to children who don`t.

Meniere`s Disease & Hearing Aids

For those of you who have never experienced Meniere`s disease it is a particularly debilitating disease when it strikes. The disease affects the inner ear and can cause vertigo which will last for anything from a few minutes to a day or two. Menieres disease usually strikes sporadically and they can occur in clusters, with some people suffering an attack a lot more frequently than others. It can bring on tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ear, and the affected ear can feel full to bursting. The disease can eventually spread to both ears which causes further issues for the affected person and they can feel sick and also suffer a sudden drop in their hearing which makes them feel even more isolated.

Children & Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in a child is much more difficult to take in, and sometimes to accept, when it is your child that is suffering from it. We more or less expect our hearing to deteriorate in our later years but it seems so cruel when a child is affected by this problem. Being unable to join in with other children because they cannot hear too well can be very frustrating for any youngster.

How To Find Out If Your Child Can Hear You Or Not

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Boost Your Hearing, the number 1 hearing centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Today we are looking at how you can ascertain if your child can hear you or not, or whether they just prefer not to listen to you! Sometimes it can be difficult to know if they can hear or they are just plain not paying attention to you, so here are a few steps you can take:

6 Good Reasons To Get Your Hearing Test At Boost Your Hearing

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Boost Your Hearing, the premier hearing centre in Belfast. Today we are going to give you 6 very good reasons to call in at our centre for a hearing test. Read the reasons below and then give our offices a call on 028 9061 2314.

Widex Hearing Aids & The 5 Main Types

We are delighted to announce that we now supply the full range of Widex hearing aids here at Boost Your Hearing in Belfast. These hearing aids give you the ability to control the settings through your smartphone rather than fiddle around with the actual hearing aid which is a big advantage when you are in company and you want to keep your hearing aid discreet. The Widex range of hearing aid products can now be used not just with an iPhone but with any android phones so they are perfect for all.

Will Guinness Help To Prevent Hearing Loss

Hello and welcome to the Boost Your Hearing blog, where we have very interesting news today of new research which suggests that a pint of Guinness a day might be beneficial towards preventing hearing loss! This is because it is claimed that high levels of iron can help to ward off hearing loss, and fortunately Guinness has plenty of iron in it which makes it one way of getting your daily iron intake.

Advice For When You Buy Hearing Aids

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Boost Your Hearing where we have some really good advice on buying hearing aids. This advice comes from the Hearing Like Me website and here is an excerpt of the excellent article they have recently published:

Is Background Noise Bad For A Businesses Financial Health?

The charity Action on Hearing Loss ran a survey recently, and the survey which was called the Speakeasy Report found that nearly 80% of people have left a pub or restaurant at some time because of the excessive background noise in there. The research covered nearly 1,500 people and it found that excessive noise was only second in importance to the quality of the food according to the participants.

A Guide To Avoiding Ear Problems

Hello from the Boost Your Hearing blog and we hope you are having a good weekend. Today we are looking at a very good article we found in the Coach Mag entitled `How To Avoid Ear Problems` which is a very interesting and useful piece of writing all told.

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