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Latest News | Early Signs Of Hearing Loss & How To Protect Your Ears

Early Signs Of Hearing Loss & How To Protect Your Ears

Tuesday, August 28th 2018 5:20pm

Did you know that every time you expose your ears to loud noises it can be progressively damaging your hearing and making you liable to debilitating hearing loss in future years? It is very important to look after your ears and in turn your hearing so that you can fully converse with everyone around you. So we thought we would share the following very sound information which gives you information on the early signs of hearing loss, if your hearing at risk and how you can protect your hearing.

Early Signs Of Hearing LossThe following is from the Health 24 website and is well worth heeding:

Early Signs Of Hearing Loss

You can, however, recognise the early stages of hearing loss and intervene before your hearing loss becomes serious.

The National Health Service of the UK lists the following signs to recognise early loss of hearing:

  • Difficulty hearing people clearly for the first time or asking them to repeat themselves, especially in noisy areas.
  • Constantly having to turn up the volume of your music or television set.
  • Difficulty concentrating while having to listen to someone.
  • Difficulty hearing a conversation over the phone.

Could Your Hearing Be At Risk

You might be at risk for early onset of hearing loss if:

  • You regularly listen to music over earphones higher than the normal volume.
  • You are regularly exposed to loud noises (such as explosions or building noise) in your job.
  • You have a family history of hearing loss.
  • You are prone to middle ear infections.
  • Your nervous system is compromised by lifestyle factors such as smoking, or chronic illnesses such as diabetes.

How Can You Protect Your Hearing?

There are some measures you can take to ensure that you don't do further damage to your hearing:

  • Wear earplugs when you are regularly exposed to loud noises (such as working at a construction site).
  • Stop using earbuds to clean your ears as this can push excess wax further down the ear and damage your eardrums.
  • Give your ears a break after you've been exposed to excessive noise (such as a concert).
  • Turn down the volume if you regularly listen to music with ear- or headphones.

Great advice without a doubt, and if you feel you may be starting to have hearing issues you can contact us here at Boost Your Hearing to arrange a free hearing test by calling us on 028 9061 2314.


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