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The Misery Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a problem for a great many people here in the UK and it is estimated that nearly 10 million are affected by this affliction, a high percentage of these people being 60 years of age and over. Hearing loss affects 42% of those over 50 years of age so if you are suffering from reduced hearing capabilities you are certainly not alone. As the average age of the population increases of course we will see more and more people affected by hearing loss.

Do you answer Yes to any of the following questions below:

  1. When watching the TV socially do you need to turn up the volume to hear what is being said?
  2. Are you often asking people to repeat themselves when you are having a conversation?
  3. Do you often feel that other people are speaking under their breath and not speaking clearly to you?
  4. If there is background noise in a room or more than one person is talking at the same time do you have problems picking up what is being said?
  5. Have your family, friends or work colleagues asked you whether you have an issue with your hearing?
  6. If you are not in eye contact with someone do you find it difficult trying to tell what they are saying?
  7. Do you sometimes find it hard to work out where a certain sound is coming from?
If you do then you may well be suffering from hearing loss and you need to book yourself in for a free hearing test as soon as possible.

Don`t Delay Over Booking A Hearing Test

Untreated hearing loss can lead to all sorts of problems both socially and psychologically so it is imperative that you get your hearing checked out as soon as you can. You may even have some physical issues due to your hearing loss and even if it is just minor hearing loss that you are experiencing there is no need to struggle with this when you can do something about it by booking a hearing test. When you cannot hear properly it can make you feel socially inept, drain the self confidence away from you and leave you feeling isolated and lonely. In which case you need to get help fast.

The Benefits Of Fitting Hearing Aids

There has been a lot of research on how hearing aids improve a persons quality of life and make them feel a part of a group once again rather than a bit of an outcast.

Hearing impaired people estimate their hearing ability to have improved significantly when treated with the correct hearing aids. They often think there is nothing wrong with their hearing until they have hearing aids fitted and then realise what they have been missing out on!

The Stigma Of Hearing Loss

Did you know that only 20% of the people who would benefit from wearing a hearing aid actually wear one?! Approximately 2 million people in the UK have been fitted with a hearing aid but a high proportion of these people don`t use them which is a crying shame. Surveys have shown that this is due to the stigma associated with hearing loss.

Improving Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology has improved massively over the last few years (check out the information on Widex Hearing Aids on the Home Page ). New digital aids now have the ability to closely mimic the natural ear sound, zoom in to relevant speech and cut down any background noise, store information on how the hearing aid is being used by the patient and cut out the whistling sound associated with the older type of hearing aid. So what are you waiting for, come to Boost Your Hearing and book your free hearing test today. Don`t suffer in silence.

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