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Ear Wax Removal

We will carry out a thorough investigation to see if you need us to remove any ear wax from one or both of your ears. If you do require this service our staff are fully trained and we usually carry out this service on the same day.

How Our Ear Syringing Service Works

Firstly warm water is used to wash out any residual wax from the ears. The water is set to a safe pressure so as not to hurt at all. In fact it is often a relief when the wax is removed and we see many of our clients breathe a sigh of relief once we have cleaned out their ears.

We will not syringe if you have any problem such as perforated eardrums or you are under medical care for your ears.

You needn`t worry about this service, your welfare is of the upmost importance to us and our ear syringing service is completely pain free. We will look after you at all times whilst you are having your ears syringed.

Micro Suction Or Irrigation Methods

We can give you the choice of removing your ear wax either by micro suction or irrigation. They are both very safe methods of cleaning the ears, performed by a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist.

Call In To Boost Your Hearing In Belfast

It is surprising how many people come to us each month thinking they have some form of permanent hearing loss when in fact it is just a build up of ear wax in the ear. Some of us are unfortunately more prone to the build up of ear wax than others. This is a simple and pain free procedure so if you have any doubts please book in for a check up at Boost Your Hearing in Belfast.


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