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Hearing Aid Advice

We give you the very best advice to ensure you make the right choices for you, your budget and your hearing requirements.

Every person we see about their hearing requirements is different. People can be at a different stage with their hearing loss or they may have different issues that are preventing them from hearing better. And one hearing aid may suit one person down to the ground but is not suitable for another. Also people have varying budgets so that some may want the cheapest model on the market whereas some may want the newest hearing aid available.

Sound Hearing Advice

The good news is that we can cater for everyone! We always aim to give you sound advice based on your particular needs, we never pre-judge anyone and so everyone is treated on their own merits.

We have treated thousands of people over the years and we like to think that our customer service and the way we deal with our clients is as good as anyone out there. So if you need hearing aid advice the place to call is Boost Your Hearing here in Belfast.

Wide Range Of Hearing Aids

We have a wide range of hearing aids available, including the Widex brand now which are great for people who would like to control their hearing aids through their iPhone or android phone. With a Widex hearing aid you can adjust your hearing aid through your mobile without playing around with the hearing aid around your ear and a lot of people love the fact that they can be so discreet in adjusting their hearing aids.

Choosing A Hearing Aid

So if you would like some advice on your hearing, or choosing the best hearing aid for you, then please get in touch by either calling in to the Centre or giving us a call on 028 9061 2314. With our services you get experienced, top class advice along with a wide range of products to choose from if you need a hearing aid or anything else.

Hearing Aid Advice


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