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A full repair service is available

Maintaining Your Hearing Aid

Did you know that the ear can be one of the least hygienic parts of the body. It can be a hostile environment in your ear, very prone to sweating and building up residues of dirt and wax.
And as you can be using your hearing aids for long periods of time, often more than 10 hours each and every day, then you can appreciate that these sensitive pieces of electronic equipment need regular maintenance to ensure they are working at their optimum level.
Your hearing aids definitely need regular servicing and when you do take them in to get serviced it will probably be only then that you will realise what a great job they are doing for you! You get so used to using them that you take them for granted and forget how much your hearing has deteriorated.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Here at Boost Your Hearing we offer the very best, expert servicing of your hearing aids and small repairs if required can often be done right away. If the hearing aid needs a complete overhaul this will will require it to be sent away but with a Full Service guarantee.

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology has moved on rapidly over the last 5 to 10 years in particular so it is very important to make sure these pieces of equipment are looked after and maintained so they are working at their optimum levels. It is no point having the very latest hearing aids if it is faulty due to lack of maintenance, and you will certainly be able to enjoy the difference in performance if you get your hearing aid serviced if it has not been looked at for some time.
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