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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

We deal with all of the major manufacturers of hearing aids across the country and have established a good working relationship with all of them to ensure our clients get the widest choice of hearing aids to suit their particular requirements and taste.

Manufacturers of hearing aids are happy to support Boost Your Hearing when there are individual interesting hearing requirements so we can always supply our clients with exactly what they need.

Hearing Aid Sales

It is a very exciting time to be involved in the hearing industry with the rapid improvement in hearing aid technology which has boosted hearing aid sales across the world. Companies such as Widex, whose hearing aids and products we now supply, have got some very interesting new advances which our clients have been absolutely delighted with.

One of their advances is that with a Widex hearing aid you can adjust your hearing aid from your smartphone without actually touching your hearing aid. This is a great step forward and is particularly popular with some of our younger customers, but it is useful for all ages.

Advancements In Hearing Aids

Some of the Widex hearing aids are also very advanced with regard to being able to hone in on particular sounds and blocking out the surrounding noises such as high winds if you are out in the open. This is a very useful feature without a doubt.

We can of course advise you as to which hearing aid would best suit your individual requirements and ensure you are fitted with one that feels comfortable, the right size and is to your particular taste.

We offer a money back period (which will be clearly explained) and this gives you the confidence to go forward and purchase a hearing aid without any worries whatsoever.


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